One Day Shipping- Is It Worth It?

What is the one thing that every online shopper wants? Fast and free shipping. The happiness of getting the product you ordered within 48 hours is unrivaled. After all, you spend hours searching for the best product, compare your options, and then click that Buy button.

Now, you won’t have to wait for days to get your package. There are many online retailers offering one-day shipping option. Recently, Amazon announced that they will be offering free shipping on same-day delivery for Prime subscribers.

To compete with all the retailers, Walmart introduced free one-day shipping for all members. While target already has a free-one day delivery option for loyalty cardholders. Sure, it all sounds really good, but what about its cost to the environment.

Not many customers think about the impact it has on the environment. In this post, we have discussed whether one-day shipping is worth it or not.

Benefits of Same-Day Delivery

There are many benefits of same-day delivery. Here are some of the benefits are:

  • Better Customer Satisfaction- the customers will be happy and excited to get their orders on the same day.
  • Improve Your Efficiency- it will enable the companies to run the daily operation smoothly. This will lead to higher profits and enhanced brand reputation.
  • Increase Your Customer Base- businesses can impress our customers with their exceptionally fast service and increase loyalty.

Impact of One-Day Shipping on Environment

E-commerce is considered to be good for the environment. This is because consumers will not get in their cars and make a personal trip to the stores. More cars on the road mean more emissions, which is bad for the environment.

Thanks to the shipping option, the delivery of various products can be combined, and they can be delivered on one route. This will reduce the miles spent on the road. The one-day shipping can be beneficial if the vehicle is shared and products are consolidated.

In recent times, with the boom in e-commerce, the number of packages dropped in a mile has decreased. When a same-day delivery option is selected, there is not enough time for consolidation. This is why the trucks are not going out full. This means there are more delivery trucks on the road. Hence, greenhouse gas emissions have increased.

Another problem that arises is that people are ordering products online and still, making trips to the stores. It means there will more cars on the road. In the end, it is quite clear that the environment will be better off if things slowed down a bit. It is believed that consumers will think twice if they were aware of the environmental impact. One-day shipping can be useful for things that you might need immediately. For things like a new rug, it can be delayed keeping in mind the effect it will have on climate. Moreover, it is advised to not to shop online and even not take your car to the store. Instead, you can walk downtown when you need to buy something. It will be good for the environment, your health, and for the local business.

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