How to Protect Your Packages When Shipping?

Wondering how you can protect your goods from getting damaged during transportation? When it comes to packaging, many businesses focus on using stylish and great packaging design. This will allow businesses to attract customers. However, just being stylish is not considered as good packaging.

What is a good packing? Good packaging will keep your package protected from getting damaged. The materials of packaging must be durable and sturdy.

If you have ever ordered something from Amazon, you will know it comes in a stiff plain wrapping paper that does look boring. Nonetheless, it is extremely sturdy. It keeps your products safe and protected.

It was reported that nearly 8 billion packages are shipped through FedEx and UPS. Out of which 1% are damaged, meaning over 8 million packages get stolen or damaged. There are different reasons for damaging packages. The most common ones include parcels dropping down the chutes, or postal workers throw the packages, and even rain can damage the parcel.

In this article, we have listed the ways through which you can protect your parcels.

Materials for Packing your Parcel

The first thing you need to consider when packing your parcel is the materials you should. With so many choices, it can be confusing and challenging to decide. This is why we have listed the common materials you can use.

For Outer Cover

  • Jiffy Bag- this is a water-resistant cover with a cushion to protect against impact. This is a perfect choice for packing non-fragile and small items.
  • Corrugated Boxes- for impact protection and sturdiness, you must choose between single and double corrugated boxes. In order to pack fragile items, you can select single-wall boxes. In order to pack heavy items, you should choose double-wall or triple-wall boxes.
  • Polybag- it is a cheap cover with no structural strength. A great thing about this material is that it is water-resistant. It is a great option when the product is already boxed.

Protecting Against Impact

  • Brown Paper- this is an inexpensive material that can be scrunched up and zigzagged on the product. However, it will not be suitable for heavy loads and long journeys.
  • Single-ply Corrugated Roll- if you wish to increase the impact resistance of a thin cardboard box, then this material is an excellent choice. All you have to is place a thin layer inside the box. You can even use it to wrap bottles, so they don’t strike each other.
  • Bubble Wrap- This is one of the most commonly used materials. This is a great option as it offers total coverage for the products. It is a wonderful material that offers protection against impact. You can use it to cover glass products.

For Filling Void

  • Air Cushions- for the items that can move around in the box, you should use air-filled bags. This is a great way to protect your items. Unfortunately, using these air-filled bags is an expensive option. This is because the machine used for inflating is quite expensive.

With the help of these tips, you can protect your package from getting damaged.

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