Best Shipping Carriers of 2019

In search of a reliable and trustworthy shipping carrier? Sending your orders through shipping carriers is a wonderful and safe way to ensure it reaches its destination. Many shipping carriers work closely with both small and large businesses to deliver their packages to their customers, suppliers, and distributors.

When you are looking for a good carrier, you must focus on various factors. It can prove to be a strenuous and demanding task. This is why we have listed the best shipping carries you should work with in 2019.


One of the most famous and used shipping carriers is FedEx. This carrier was founded in 1971 and now employees more than 300,000 team members. They have a high professional standard so their customers can have exceptional service. It offers both domestic and international shipping. They have the ability to deliver products quickly and safely.


DHL is a popular and leading carrier when it comes to international shipping. This German logistics company is the largest logistics company operating around the world. They can ship packages through the land, air, and sea.

It was founded in 1969 in California. The headquarters of the courier is in Bonn, Germany. Since then, it has expanded its reach and now is present in more than 220 countries. This shipping carrier offers international shipping within as little as 9 hours. The best thing about this carrier is that your package will be delivered in a timely and safest manner.


UPS Inc. is one of the best shipping carriers that is capable of delivering packages well before time. It is the largest package delivery company that has been operational since 1907 with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. They have the ability to move information, goods, and funds. They can deliver to over 200 countries. You can have peace of mind as you can track your package.

Dart Courier Service

Another reliable courier service you can use is the Dart Courier Service. This was established in 1984 by Robert Dawson. It has expanded tremendously because of its focus on courteousness, swiftness, and professional service.

They can ship anything you want, from an envelope to freight of 16,000 pounds. Their drivers are experienced and trustworthy who will deliver goods quickly.


TNT Express is another great shipping carrier that you can work with. They offer exceptional services, making sure the package is delivered on time to your customers. For them, delivering on time is a top priority. They have a team of trained and highly skilled professionals who put in their best effort to deliver packages.

This carrier also ships products internationally, nearly to 170 countries. A great thing about this carrier is that it offers safe and fast shipping. In addition, there is no limitation on the size or weight of the package. They also provide a tracking service. Thus, these are the best shipping carrier. You can contact them if you want to get more information.

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