Walmart Vs Amazon- Advantages and Disadvantages

Long gone are the days when people used to visit the malls for buying stuff. Thanks to technological advancement, people now buy products online. This enables them to get the product they desire delivered at their doorstep, from the comfort of their home.

We all have heard the name of two very famous retail giants in the US, Amazon, and Walmart. There was a time when Walmart was behind Amazon when it comes to online performance. However, Walmart has increased its customer base since 2017.

Can’t decide which retailer is better? Don’t worry; we are here to help you decide. Look at our comparison of Walmart and Amazon and decide yourself.


When it comes to shipping, Amazon offers a subscription service, Amazon Prime. This will enable customers to access a lot of features like music, video content, and books. The subscribers are offered free shipping, two-day shipping, and even a one-day shipping offer.

On the other hand, Walmart many free shipping options for all of its customers. In certain cities, Walmart offers free next day shipping on orders over $35. If Walmart doesn’t offer next-day shipping in your city, you can enjoy two-day shipping.

So, Walmart offers better shipping options than Amazon.


An analysis was conducted in 2018 regarding the difference in the prices of Amazon and Walmart. It was reported that the prices of Amazon are 10.37% expensive than Walmart’s. Though Amazon offers plenty of discounts for Prime subscribers and incentives for regular customers. While Walmart takes the lead in discounts and offers. They offer a variety of discounts, incentives for in-store pickup customers, and clearance items without a subscription fee.

Thus, Walmart is a better choice when it comes to prices.


Two decades ago, Walmart started its online marketplace. Unfortunately, it is still in its infancy. The company started focusing on online shopping when it purchased Jet.com a few years back. While Amazon’s third-party marketplace is well-established. According to the Amazon report, 50% of the sales of Amazon are from third-party selection.

So, the marketplace of Amazon is better than Walmart.

Product Selection

As far as product selection, Walmart does have an array of products. The selection of products is increased with the addition of marketplace. However, the selection is not huge as it once was. In 2018, Walmart has nearly 43 million products for sale.

On the other hand, Amazon has everything you ever need. It has all types of products in various sizes, colors, and shapes. You can find products from every brand.

Hence, Amazon has a better product selection than Walmart. In the end, being a Walmart customer is surely beneficial as it means you get low prices and no need to pay the subscription fee. You can get free and fast shipping on almost all the orders. While being an Amazon customer is far better as you will have access to a wide range of products. The customer service is better than Walmart’s.

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