Top 3 Carriers Review

Are you in search of the best carrier? No need to look further. This post highlights the top 3 carriers that you can partner up with. Read the reviews and find out which is the best carrier.


One of the best carriers is United Parcel Service Inc. it has headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia. It has been operational since 1907. This is one of the oldest carriers that have the capability of delivering funds, goods, and information.

It was reported that it can deliver 15 million packages in a day to over 6.1 million customers. UPS can deliver parcels to more than 220 countries. Thanks to its large fleet consisting of 200 aircraft and plenty of brown trucks, it can move your packages safely and quickly.


  • Provides Express shipping
  • Unrivaled tracking system
  • Can be affordable for heavy orders


  • No free delivery on Saturday


United States Postal Service has headquarters in Washington DC, US. USPS only offers domestic shipping and is considered as the second-largest civilian employer. In addition, the USPS has the largest civilian vehicle fleet. This carrier has stood the test of time as it has been around way before UPS and FedEx. There was a time when USPS was the only way to send and receive mail.

After the established of carriers like FedEx, DHL, and many others, USPS was considered as outdated and inefficient. However, recently, this carrier has improved its service. It has over 600,000 employees.

A special thing about USPS is that it will deliver your parcel no matter how the weather is. It is the perfect choice for delivering small and light packages. A plus point is that it is the cheapest carrier for small parcels. Additionally, this carrier is the only service that delivers to PO Boxes and mailboxes.


  • Inexpensive rates for small packages
  • Deliver packages on Saturday for free
  • Will deliver the parcel to remote areas as well


  • Weight limitation


Another great carrier that you can use for shipping packages is FedEx. This carrier offers both international and national shipping. With its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. It was established in 1971 and has expanded its operation since then. Without a doubt, this is one of the popular and most preferred carriers.

Thanks to the high professional standard, they can deliver packages on time in the safest manner. The company, now, employs almost 300,000 people. Moreover, FedEx has an accurate tracking system that will allow you and your customers to track their package. They also provide delivery on Saturday; it is included its basic shipping packages.

When it comes to shipping large volumes, FedEx offers competitive rates for packaged weighing up to 50 pounds.


  • It offers an excellent tracking system
  • You can get low shipping rates if you have large volumes
  • Offers Saturday delivery


  • No free package pickup service

Therefore, all these carriers are great and offer excellent shipping service. Some provide low shipping costs than others. For more information, kindly visit their website.

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