Black Friday Shopping Tips in 2019

Do you wish to create an exceptional user experience? Let’s be honest, customer experience is one of the most important aspects of a business. This is why it is a priority for every e-commerce business.

There are various aspects that will help in improving the customer experience. Unlike email marketing, or seamless navigation, or faster loading pages, shipping might put on the spot.

Without a doubt, Black Friday, or shopping near holidays, becomes hectic, stressful, and challenging for online retailers. Someone who has been through it knows the struggle is real. Black Friday is just around the corner. Though it is a great time of the year for online retailers, it can also prove to be daunting.

People tend to shop more on Black Friday, they wait for this day the whole year. This is a wonderful opportunity for an e-commerce business to make profit. There is no doubt it might take 20 years to build reputation of your business and just a minute to ruin it. Shipping is a crucial factor that has a direct impact on the reputation of the business.

Many customers buy products from companies that offer convenient and easy shipping. Are you wondering how you can ship products properly and make it a success? Don’t worry; we have highlighted the best shipping tips.

Transparency is the Key

Never make promises that you cannot keep. It is the best advice you can ever get. When it comes to shipping on Black Friday, you should be transparent about the shipping timeline and costs. Since you will have a lot of orders to process, it will be time-consuming and tiring to deliver the orders the same day or next day. It will be better if you create a dedicated page just for the shipping information on Black Friday.

Offer Free Shipping Only If You Can

Many people abandon their carts because the shipping cost was too high. For instance, you are offering a product at $15 and shipping cost is $8. Not many people will go ahead with it. If you offer inexpensive shipping or free shipping, you will see increase in the number of orders.

However, if you offer free shipping just for the sake of more orders, you will be putting your business at risk. This will reduce your margin of profit or even worse, be at loss. So, you should only offer free shipping if you can afford it.

Write Down Your Shipping Process

Whether you know the shipping process or not, it is beneficial to write it down onto a paper. This will come in handy during the busy periods on Black Friday. Are you wondering what your shipping process is? It is easy to figure out, you must pay attention to the next orders you ship. You have to make a list and note how much time each step takes.

When you are closely looking at the steps, look for ways through which you can streamline the steps to make shipping more efficient. Though saving 30 seconds on one order might not seem significant, it can be helpful if you are handling more orders.

These are some of the best shipping tips that you can use and take the stress out of shipping on Black Friday.

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