How to Ship Packages with UPS

Headquartered in Georgia, the Universal Package Service is, without doubt, one of the top logistics companies in the world. While UPS provide other services such as retail-based packing and trucking, the core of its services is the delivery of packages.

UPS investment in shipping processing systemS, smart scanning systemS, tracking,  and other technologies for faster and smooth delivery makes it a company to reckon with among other top dogs such as USPS, FedEx and DHL.

While shipping packages with USP is an hassle-free experience, you still have to do your part to make that a reality. We’ve gathered some of the things you can do for a quick, smooth shipping process with USP.

Follow Standard Packing and Shipping Steps

Interested in saving your packages from dents, breakages, and other damages? UPS recommends following standard packing and shipping procedures such as choosing the right box, using cushioning, taping, secure sealing and others to the letter. You can check our tips for packing and shipping for more extensive details on how to prepare your packages for shipping.

Choose the Right Shipping Option

For an efficient, fast and affordable service delivery that suits your needs, USP has several options from which you can choose. Your choice should depend on various factors, such as the size of your item. If you want an expedited service for super-fast shipping, you can opt for the Worldwide Express that gets your packages to Canada the next day and within two days for other countries. Otherwise, you can choose the Worldwide Expedited or Standard option.

Calculate Cost of Shipping

From the comfort of your home, or office, you can calculate the amount of money it will cost to ship your package. The online shipping calculator helps you prepare for unexpected high charges, which is often the case for international shipments. To get your UPS shipping quote, you’ll need to provide some information such as your city, delivery address, packaging details and others.  

Schedule a Home Pick-Up or Drop Off Package at a Centre

USP also makes shipping packages easy and convenient by providing options to drop off your packages. You can access the USP Access Point network to find the nearest businesses, locations or boxes closer to you. Alternatively, you can have a USP driver come to your home to take the packages by requesting an at-home pickup.

Track Your Packages

When you ship with UPS, you get assigned a tracking number that usually begins with 1Z. With this number, you can know where your shipment is at any time and the estimated delivery time. The good thing is; you do not need to login to their website to see the information. The online tracking service also enables you to reschedule a delivery, apply for email updates on shipment statuses, download proof of delivery, among others. However, you can only carry out these actions when you logged in.

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