CVS and UPS Partner to Develop Drone Delivery Service

We are living in a technological world, where the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle is increasing by the day. UPS has been trying to use drones for delivering products. The company uses drones for delivering blood and tissue samples to the WakeMed Health center laboratory from the main hospital campuses.

UPS has also partnered up with CVS Pharmacy, Kaiser Permanente, AmeriSource Bergen, and University of Utah to work on improving commercial drone delivery service. This will allow UPS to use the drone delivery system across the country.

Are you wondering what will UPS do by working with a pharmacy? In this post, we have discussed the partnerships of UPS with other companies along with its role in drone delivery service.

How UPS is Trying Up Drone Game?

UPS Flight Forward is working tirelessly to develop a huge customer base and build a network of partners to improve the drone delivery. Previously, the industry only thought about having a delivery system through ground transportation technology only. Now, UPS is bringing a change in the delivery system by thinking in three dimensions.

Though FAA has not yet approved the use of drones a large scale for these deliveries, the company is going the extra mile to make it a reality. In September, UPS was awarded Part 135 Standard certification. This allows the company to use unlimited number of drones through remote operators in command. UPS is the first company to get this certification. With the help of this, the company will increase its scale of operations to meet the demands of customers.

UPS and CVS Partnership

To take the drone delivery service to a whole new level, UPS joined hands with CVS Pharmacy. Both the companies are working together to deliver retail products and prescriptions from CVS stores to the house of customers. The focus of UPS is on the healthcare industry and is trying to improve the efficiency of this industry.

Partnership With AmeriSource Bergen

By partnering with AmeriSource Bergen, UPS will be using drones for moving pharmaceuticals and other supplies from the warehouses of drug companies to medical campuses.

Joining Hands with Kaiser Permanente

Furthermore, by working with Kaiser Permanente, UPS is trying to work on moving healthcare supplies from their buildings to medical campuses.

Partnering Up With University of Utah

As far as a partnership with University of Utah is concerned, they will be focusing on delivering medical instruments and supplies, and documents to the medical school campus. According to UPS, this is just a beginning. The shipping giant plans to transport many different items in many industries. They are trying to create a logistics and delivery solution that has never been considered before. Therefore, UPS is a great carrier working towards better integration of drones in the US airspace. Along with these partnerships, UPS aims to establish a new Healthcare and Life Sciences Division. This division will focus on studying the market and find more industries under Flight Forward. UPS is also working closely with the FAA to make residential delivery a reality.

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